It’s the same every autumn; October draws to a close and you soon realise you need some good kit to keep you riding through to the spring. A quality jacket, a front mudguard and a pair of proven mud tyres will keep you protected from the filth and upright in the corners, wherever you ride. But what about riding after dark? Well try these, the Light and Motion Seca 2000 Race Lights, and your mates will accuse you of cheating.

Night riding brings a truckload of fun to local trails, however familiar, and for this you will need to invest in a reliable set of lights. As with most kit we use, technology and design has marched on and in the last few years we have tested and killed off a number of lights, at all prices.

_MG_3640 Light and Motion Seca 200
_MG_3640 Light and Motion Seca 200

Many riders choose to run two lights. One bar mounted (pointing where your bike is going) and one on the helmet (aiming where you are looking). Some designs use a separate battery with a lead, others are all-in-one units, and you can get in a right old mess with the different chargers… Mounting brackets are either built in to the head light or need tools to fix them to the bars. Now unless you are organized, this can be a complicated and time-consuming mess.

The Seca 2000 Race from US brand Light & Motion solves all this.

“The Seca 2000 lights have seen us through the worst a British winter can throw at us with faultless performance and reliability"

The Seca can be mounted on the bike or helmet but it’s the bike every time for us with this light. The lightweight vented lamp unit holds 6 Cree brand LEDs, (3 spots on the top row, 3 floods below) kicking out a total of 2000 Lumens. The unit is quickly attached to the bars with an integrated rubber strap rather than a fiddly bracket. The separate battery is then Velcro’d to the frame, bars or stem. It’s quick to set up and get out riding. No fuss.

On the trails the performance is amazing. The combination of the six LEDs with a custom bi-conic reflector is where this light beats others. The field of view makes a two light set up needless, giving you all the vision you need, (ahead, to the side and around the front wheel) for almost daylight riding speeds. With burn times from 1.5hrs at full beam to 6 hrs at 575 Lumens this light will keep you out there on the longest evening ride, with enough to get you home from the pub afterwards…

With Light & Motion’s pedigree in producing lighting for both scuba diving as well as biking all their own US factory you can be ensured that the build quality and weather proofing is faultless. These lights have seen us through the worst a British winter can throw at us and are second to none in terms of performance and reliability.

The Seca 2000 is a perfect light in nearly all respects.