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Smurf's articles

Hart and Atherton win Fort William National

Full report and photos from the World Cup warm up

Best of British - Stanton Bikes

How poker, Brexit and dodgy drop outs made Stanton the company it is today

The World Cup warm up

Previewing one of the most important races on the British calendar

Hockenhulls on the charge

Sheffield's shredding siblings

Dirt 100 2018 - the best e-bikes

Bikes that got us buzzing

The Syndicate 2018 - Episode 1

Catching back up with the Santa Cruz boys

Matt Jones wins Rocket Air

Surrey lad takes gold in Switzerland

Fast Bikes - YT Tues 2018

A long-standing favourite gets the Gwin treatment

The race to the sea

Losinj finals gallery

Tales of the Mob - Losinj

Catching up with the YT boys

Aaron Gwin wins in Losinj

What a start to the season!

Dirt TV - Losinj pit chit chat

Thoughts on the day from the top lads

Myriam Nicole wins in Losinj

The champ continues her winning streak