The victors of this year's Red Bull Rampage have already been crowned and are bathing in their glory, but we think Tom Van Steenbergen deserves just as much respect for his insanely ballsy attempt at pulling off a front flip over the massive 73ft canyon gap. There are only a handful of riders in the world that would think about even just trying to clear that jump, yet alone pull any kind of trick over it. Of course Rampage features some of the very best riders in the world, and a couple did manage to backflip the canyon, but we think trying to front flip the monster is on a whole different level. The physics just don't add up in our heads, and sadly they didn't seem to be on Tom's side either when he went for what would have surely been the trick of the contest...

Come on, the guy deserves a medal for even thinking about trying that move, let alone attempting it. If he had managed to ride out of that then it surely would have smashed any front flip records that are out there, including Tom's previous efforts. How he managed to walk away from that crash is still a mystery to us too.

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