Best trail, best trail, best trail.

French Alps.
French Alps.

We're on a mission around the Alps with downhill and trail bikes visiting some rarely-ridden destinations for a Dirt feature coming soon... So far we've hiked beastly peaks, scoped ridiculously steep scree, been rained on a substantial amount and visited an iconic downhill track which featured in an early issue of the magazine. We've got a motley crew consisting of a World Cup mechanic (Commencal Riding Addiction's Loic Delteil), a freerider and product tester (Scott/Shaperideshoot's Alex Evans), a World Champion (Evil's Morgane Charre) and a grafter (Andy Lloyd on the photos).

How about 15 minutes of blissful trail... We found this one somewhere reasonably near our first-day base in Courchevel. Aside from the exposure, this flowing beauty proved one of the Best Trails Ever.

You'll be able to read the feature in an issue of Dirt coming soon, for now here's some Crappagrams.

Many thanks to for putting up with us in Courchevel.