Matt Walker demolished the junior field in Mont Sainte Anne today to qualify fastest by 10 seconds.

The Brit champ was running a proto 29er Saracen Myst and put it to good use in the most dominating run we've seen all year. It was also just five seconds off the fastest senior time in timed training yesterday.

Second went to Sylvain Cougoureux was second and over 9 seconds back - nobody could hang with Walker today. Kaos Seagrave was hot on the Frenchie's coat tails with an especailly strong final sector.

Mont Sainte Anne World Cup Kade Edwards

Fourth went to Kade Edwards, completing another session of Brit domination with Intense's Nikolas Nesteroff in fifth. Local favourite Finn Iles finished way down the rankings nearly 17 seconds back on Walker, he must have had a problem on course as he was only a second back at split two.

Business as usual for Flying Finn Iles.

Congrats also to Melanie Chappaz who seeded fastest in the junior women.

Junior downhill qualify results Mont Sainte Anne 2017

  1. Matt Walker - 4:13.176
  2. Sylvain Cougoureux - 4:22.353
  3. Kaos Seagrave - 4:22.744
  4. Kade Edwards - 4:23.498
  5. Nikolas Nesteroff - 4:23.969

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Women's results

Men's results