If you are looking for a headset that'll last you for years then this Reset one proves that Chris King certainly isn't the only option.


Reset Headset

Picking a headset for the Dirt 100 has always been a bit of a tough one. We could take the easy option and go for the ever impressive Chris King, or Cane Creek’s equally good 110 (which comes with a 110 year warranty!), but this year we’ve decided to go with a Reset headset because whilst bearing quality is one part of the recipe for longevity (and don’t worry, these are as good as any), we think that the quality of sealing is just as important, and in that respect you can’t beat one of these. If you live somewhere where the sun is always shining then you’ll no doubt think these German made headsets are complete overkill, but if like us you’re permanently surrounded by mud the plethora of seals will make total sense. One of these will last you years.

Price: €98.00 - €179.00

Reset +49 51147 320 440


Photos by Andy Lloyd Photography (he says "check out the new website")