Red Bull has just released the helmet cam footage of Tyler McCaul's seventh placed run from the 2016 Red Bull Rampage.

The run sees McCaul head off the left ridgeline and drop of the Green Goblin and the Coronarita. He also threw out two backflips and a superman. We love how stoked Tyler sounds the whole way down, whispering "yes" after his superman and then celebrating into the finish corral.

It was the second run of the day and we wonder if 76.00 left it slightly underscored, but that's just the nature of the beast in any slopestyle comp unfortunately. Tyler did head up for a second run which included a no-hander, but lost speed after being blown off line halfway down and only scored 49.00.

If you want more helmet cams from from Rampage then check out Antoine Bizet, Kyle Strait and Carson Storch's runs. Or watch Brandon Smenuk's winning run here.