If your trails are littered with mud then the best thing to do is sling a set of these tyres on.


Specialized Storm Control

Choosing between these tyres and Bontrager’s XR Mud for our 50/50 trail tyre of choice is a tricky one. The harder compound of the Bonty offers a little more speed and longevity, but at the end of the day these Storm Control's grip just that tiny bit better, especially on roots, and so that’s why we’ve decided to go for them. You can pedal harder to make up for lack of speed, but it’s hard to make up for lack of grip. Currently these tyres are only available to fit 26 and 29" wheels, but now that Specialized have finally started to offer some 27.5" wheeled bikes the thought of a 27.5" version of this tyre perhaps isn't as far fetched as we once thought.

Price: £30.00

Specialized UK 02083 913 500