2014 Red Bull Rampage - Whip Session

It probably goes without saying, but even the very best riders need a bit of a warm up when it comes to the Red Bull Rampage. The riders have already spent days digging out their insane lines, and so it was high time they got their bikes out. With final lines still not dialled though, and the understandable reluctance to hit massive things cold, a load of the riders decided the best way to find their riding feet again would be to have a little evening whip session. At the 1 minute mark though Mitch Ropelato reminds of all of just how easily things can go wrong, and this is nothing compared to what they'll soon be facing...

Fair play to Mitch though, that's one of the best saves we've seen in a while.

Stay tuned to Dirt for all the latest 2014 Red Bull Rampage news, and come Sunday you'll be able to watch the main event live on the Red Bull site.

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