How good was 4X? BMX supercross style tracks on dirt with rock gardens thrown in, guaranteed crashes and elbow-to-elbow racing. It was the perfect accompaniment to a downhill World Cup and the pits on a Saturday night haven't been the same since it was discontinued.

Well, cross country eliminator was its replacement. It took 4X and added road sections, long climbs and lycra - we've seen more gnar on a children's play area. It was shit, lasted less than five years and has now been discontinued. Once a year there are the XCE World Championships though and Rob Warner is over in Nove Mesto, Czech Republic, to commentate on them this weekend.

All credit to Warner, he managed to make it at least make it entertaining by throwing in wheelies and hopping course barrier but when was mountain biking ever about tarmac climbs?

Come on UCI, pull your fingers out, bring back 4X.