The Redhill crew have been super busy of late with the diggers and spades on the 4x track.

Pete Newman sent over the info:

"We have been busy digging at Redhill Extreme since late September when Neil (Head Honcho) got a digger in for a couple of weeks to make some major changes to the 4x track. We have left it to settle over the winter before we go back to finish it off. So far we have changed the top half of the track with a 180’ berm after the first straight, going into a 90’ hip with two landers, a 90’ berm leading back on to the old track pretty much where you left it at the 180’ berm. Lower down the track after the step downs, there are two HUGE step up with the last one leading into an epic 90’ flat berm with multiple lines (there is going to be carnage here during racing) that leads into a rhythm/roller section and that leads you back into the old track just before the first of the two last big tabletops. If all things go to plan the track should be open for business again in March/April time next year.


Pete Newman


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