Limited edition pedals....


Andy from Hotlines popped into the office last week with 5 sets of these puppies.

Super limited edition colour Straitline pedals, with the Dirt logo laser etched on there too.

The Straitline pedals are some of our favourites here in the office, so getting hold of these is pretty special. We're feeling pretty generous though, so 3 sets of these will be up for grabs in a competition in the mag soon, so keep your eyes peeled.


Here's what Straitline say about them:

Straitline pedals have been heavily refined over the years with the help of Jeff Lenosky. Our primary goal was to produce a pedal that was simple, tough, and sexy. They are so simple they can be completely rebuilt in under ten minutes using nothing more than a screwdriver.

The Double Redundant Retention System is the most secure retention system on the market, and our new 6 sided hex pins are so grippy you will think you are riding clipless.

These are the pedals of choice for such top athletes as Jeff Lenosky, Ryan Berrecloth, Kurtis Sorge Dylan Tremblay and Casey Groves.


Nitrided Cromoly Axles
14 HEX pins per face
Igus IGLIDE Polymer Bearing System
519g / pair built for heavy hits