Matt Jones’ Frames of Mind – behind the scenes

The video a decade in the making

Photos: Red Bull Content Pool

We were blown away by Matt Jones’ new edit when we saw it at the London premiere last night and we’ve been dying to find out how it all came together.

Here’s all the behind the scenes info from the man himself

Dirt: Where did the idea come from? Was it inspired by Drew Bezanson and the woods one he did?

Matt Jones: Not at all to be honest.  I’m aware of that video but the style of this one and the features and the location is me in a nutshell.

We built this location over the whole year and it’s only ten minutes from Woburn where I grew up riding so the landscape, the trees, the dirt even are identical to what I know. A lot of the concepts and features have been ideas floating around in my head for years and years but I’ve never really had the resources or the scope to do it. They’ve always just been stupid, dumb ideas, and then we put pen to paper and said: “Right, what are all the ideas in my head, I’m going to write them down, are they possible?”

I never actually thought I’d do them so I spent quite a lot of money and time building all this stuff, still not really knowing whether it was going to be possible to do the things we did.

It was quite cool in the end that we made it work and actually proves no matter how stupid ideas seem in your head, you should try and crack on and do them.

Who put the man hours in?

Kye Forte was in the digger because I had my wrist in plaster for the whole time building. I broke my wrist in New Zealand which kind of pushed things back a bit so that was super frustrating because I couldn’t muck in and help.

I’ve dug jumps my whole life and I really enjoy building them myself because I know how they’re going to ride just by looking at them, so I missed out on that but Kye did an amazing job with his boys.

I was up there everyday basically dictating what was going on and it is actually super hard to say what you want. Everything in your head seems chill and then they’re like: “how much dirt do you need? what length timbers do you need?” – you have no clue because you can’t explain what you want, it’s quite funny.

When was the video shot?

The build started almost as soon as I got back from New Zealand in April and that took a good couple of months. I think we started filming middle of June and then finished filming start of September.

I was supposed to finish before I went to Whistler but I knocked myself out on the double backflip on the stepdown and had to have a few days off . It was tricky balancing the whole contest season with filming this because there’s a massive production team behind it, the jumps had to be perfect and maintained, it was quite a handful. It just shows how much time goes into a four-minute video!

That was something I wanted to ask your about actually was the balance between filming and competing because you’ve got Semenuk who’s pretty much stopped competing altogether, is that where you want to be? 

I’ve found this first opportunity to do this big video really inspiring and all the support putting my ideas to video has been amazing. It definitely inspired me to keep brainstorming and keep coming up with new ideas but I’m still very much a contest ride. I’d say and my goals lie in the Crankworx series and stuff like that for now but the day will come when content creation and the video views are a big part of the sport and this will be my first foot in the ladder for doing that.


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