The Atherton Academy has been keeping Mille Johnset well hidden but after some stellar results at the BDS it's hard to stop people from shouting about this Norwegian protege who was hand-scouted by Rachel herself.

Photos: Dan Hearn


Norway doesn't have the deepest pedigree when it comes to mountain biking but Mille is hoping to change all that. At just 16 years old she's already won BDS junior races and is putting down times that are easily fast enough to grab her podiums in the Elite women's field.

Next year she'll be a first year junior in the World Cups and we can't wait to see what she can bring to the table. We had a quick chat with Mille to find out what makes her tick.

Who is Mille Johnset? 

Mille Johnset - 16 year old from Oslo in Norway, that loves riding her bike and the big dream is to live off that.  

How and when did you get into riding? // What was your first bike? 

It was my dad that brought me to Hafjell in 2010 and after the first round I totally felt in love with the sport, in 2011 was my first season with downhill. My first downhill bike was a silver Banshee.

Ph: Erik Kjelsrud
Mille Johnset

Where and when did you get into racing? How did that go? 

My first race was in Drammen just 30 minutes for Oslo in 2011 just an small race, and was the only one in my class.

Who are you riding for this year? How are you finding the team/ and bike? 

I am riding for Atherton Academy this year. It's just amazing, it's really cool, fun, unreal and I learn so must every one is nice and helpful. 

Ph: Mayhem Media
Mille Johnset

It was actually Rachel commented on one of my Instagram pictures, and wanted to get my Email. One year and many emails later it was what the result. But I think she knew about me from the World Championships in Hafjell where I was test rider.

You’ve been racing the British rounds; What are you thoughts on racing, and riding as a whole in the UK?

It's really cool to see so many racing and specially so many girl because home in Norway it about 80 people racing the Norwegian cup and just me in my class. Riding in UK it's just soooo fun, UK it's one of my favourite places riding and I always have a lot of fun riding

What's been your worst injury?

I had a pretty bad crash last year when I got Internal bleeding in the liver.

What are your plans for the future? // Any goals/ambitions?

Plans for the next year am going to race World Cup, it would de cool to be at the top, but don't know, time will show. I am so excited to race them, it has been my dream since forever, but I'm a bit terrified at the same time.

How does it feel to have Rachel Atherton as a mentor?

Rachel is so fast, but she is so kind and helpful too. When we are training she always comes with tips and really helps me it's so nice of her to take to do that. 

What's your favourite motto/saying?

Enjoy and have fun, you only live once.

Mille shredding in traditional Nordic get up (Bunad) Ph: Erik Kjelsrud