Day four of our amazing new seasonal feature. We asked some of the greatest characters in the world of mountainbiking what they would like for Christmas. Marc Beaumont, Ex World Cup winner, retired downhiller, online TV star and now World Cup downhill racer once again... you couldn't make this stuff up!

Marc Beaumont Porsche
Marc Beaumont Porche

“The best thing about Christmas is family good friends eating and drinking a shit load, but if I have to be materialistic and choose my dream gift it would be... a Porsche GT3 RS. Not a very practical vehicle I know or a likely gift to receive, but it's such an amazing car. I better have some lessons thrown in on how to drive the thing! At least that way it might keep me out of the hedge for a little while. Having been introduced to Porsche's and more importantly the Carrera model by Rob Jarman many years ago, it has always been a dream to have A Porsche Carrera of my own. Maybe one day I will keep dreaming."