YT Tues 2.0

DH Bike Of The Year 2013

This bike’s crowning glory is surely its untouchable value for money (how do they do it?), yet its performance and YT’s attention to detail certainly can’t be sniffed at. With looks and a spec list as supreme as it is, it’s impossible to ignore the firm’s desire to climb to the top rung of the downhill market, just as they are making a similar assault on every other discipline.

Steve Jones, Dirt’s bike tester, describes this one as “insane!" - but not only with regards to its price, more so how it rides. The angles, the components, the suspension tune...they simply cannot be faulted. Neither the ease with which anyone can jump on the bike and feel comfortable from the get-go. This really is the downhill rider’s choice right now – if you aren’t looking to win World Cups then you certainly won’t feel let down by a lack of carbon or titles.

Problems? The only potential issue for UK residents is that cutting out the middleman (as YT’s are only available direct) does mean that any problems with the bike will mean sending it back to Germany. We have come to decide that there truly is no other bike out there that can match the YT’s overall package, perhaps the Demo or Session, but then you could get several of these for the same price...

Price: €2499.00

YT Industries: +4991917 363 050