With Swiss resident Ben Walker on-board with Scott product development (if you haven’t heard of him, he’s a man with more passion for bikes than probably any other and a world record sewing-machine collection in his house) you can be sure that every single gravity product has been designed, refined and refined again to arrive at the best possible outcome.

The Recruit armour is light and very flexible thanks to the heavy-duty d3o (impact resistant foam) in the back plate, shoulder and elbow pads. Basically this is a compression vest with sewn in protection, so something that riders with a dislike of conventional and bulky body armour will be interested in. There isn’t a single strap in sight and once on you genuinely forget you’re wearing it, it just moves with you like a second skin. The ability to remove all the pads also means that you can tailor the protection to what you need for a particular ride, but with everything in place there’s little else out there that’ll offer you more protection, and there’s certainly not anything as comfortable.


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