Swedish company POC have a real eye for innovation and the new Crane helmet looks set to retain that reputation, with its 2012 Eurobike Award backing it up. The award is given to a company or product with great sense of innovation and function, two words that absolutely encompass all that POC are about.

Aimed at the ‘freeride’ market, this lid will appeal to all sorts of UK riders, from dirt jumpers to aggressive trail riders, and will also most certainly live up to POC’s unbeatable safety standards. The lid is lightweight and yet it’s probably the most protective ‘piss-pot’ style helmet available – POC would settle for nothing less after all – featuring a dual density liner ‘EPS sandwich construction’ which basically means one layer slightly softer than the other to aid slowing-down in the event of a head impact.

A hard outer shell makes this less susceptible to dents than most helmets too, so it could be perfect for those who tend to throw their kit into the back of a car or kit bag after a ride. It’s great to see a piss-pot lid featuring a proper adjustable retention system too.

PRICE: £100.00

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