Mondraker Summum

Mondraker are one of those bike companies with no fear of pushing the limits of design in the name of technological performance, and they have certainly done just that with the Summum. The bike’s designer, Cesar Rojo, also has no qualms with putting new ideas out there and testing theories himself, which has lead to not only the bike which most deserves the title of ‘new school’, but also one that clearly works.

Cesar’s ‘Forward Geometry’ is one example of his toils with technology, and zero-reach stems with longer than ordinary top-tubes are effectively the basis of it. Long is an understatement, 1240 mm for the size large Summum, the head-angle is a staggering 61 degrees in its slackest setting and full builds can come in at under 33lb’s...the bike screams extreme in every sense.

Mondraker have been brave in their building of the most outrageous bike on the market, yet with the large range of potential adjustment (head-angle stock is 63 degrees and can be adjusted +/- 2 degrees, chain-stay length is adjustable by 1.5 cm), you could always make this a ‘normal’ bike if you so wished. If you’re buying a Summum though then you’re buying into a new way of thinking and riding, so we say slacken ‘er right off, stretch that wheelbase and whack on some wide bars to truly unleash the beast.

Price: Frame only £2199.00

Complete £5499.00

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