How could a product as lovingly crafted and instrumental in the history of the mountain bike ever lose its place in the Dirt 100?

The Chris King headset is a true classic within the sport, and justifiably so. A product that will stand up to its promise of a ten-year guarantee is a product worth the investment. Sure, this isn’t the cheapest product in this year’s 100, but how many ‘normal’ headsets would you go through in ten years of riding? Furthermore, Chris King make every single component of their famous headsets, including the sealed bearing, at their facility in Oregon, USA. This fact alone surely justifies the headset’s price?

The sheer desirability of a King product doesn’t just come from its unbeatable performance and durability though, the ten colours are available in any combination you like (apparently their ‘DreadSet’ colour combo is very popular) which makes an incredible 6,561 different potential cup combinations.

Price: From £132.99

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