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Welcome to the Dirt 100

The 100 Hottest Mountain Biking Products of 2016

Get Going


You are about to dive into an extraordinary jungle of bike technology, fascinating in its diversity, a complexity of parts, a confusion of brands. An exhibition of colour, a chemist’s shop full of materials set in a gritty, damp, disused quarry in a remote part of Britain.

Hosted by Antur Stiniog bike park and shot amongst the entanglement of rocks, history and staggeringly beautiful mountains of Snowdonia, as a bike location it has everything from downhill uplift to all-mountain adventure, a truly inspiring place then to shoot and video the very best bikes and products of 2016.

It’s all in here for everyone. For newer recruits to this amazing sport, fill your boots. For the more experienced you’ll see some fine tuning of existing works, the few millimetres in matters like frame design that can make such a big difference in terms of handling and performance. But this is what the 100 is all about, the small margins that ultimately gives one product the edge over another.

Dive in.