To me bikes represent fun; that feeling I've had ever since I looked behind me and realised my Dad was no longer holding on to the bike and I was riding it myself. Some videos remove this element of riding and present it as a serious pursuit worthy of artistic interpretation.

This is not one of those videos.

The MAD crew, named after their native island of Madeira, have been documenting the islands riding scene for some time and they have a great selection of riders to shoot with. However, this year, Victor Freitas is taking the next step. Moving on up the professional ladder and here is how he is going to take on the world! Firmly with his tongue in his cheek.

Everyone is training hard for the 2014 season. Ever wondered what a mountain bike athlete has to suffer to reach the top of the podium ? Well, take a look at the pre-season training of the MADproductions rider, Vitor 'Xinela' Freitas.

Music: Survivor - Eye of the Tiger

Director: Antonio Abreu

Production: Antonio Abreu, Pedro Luís, Vitor Freitas, Rui Sousa, Diogo Soares, Sara Vasconcelos, Ruben Caetano, Pedrinho Andrade.

Local: Madeira Island, Portugal

Rider: Vitor 'Xinela' Freitas

MADproductions is sponsored by EVOC and UNIT

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The riding around Madeira does look really good!