Atherton Racing and GT Bicycles are officially no more.

The Atherton setup has been racing on GT bikes since 2012 but for 2016 we will see a different manufacturer step up as title sponsor. Who will it be? More news on that soon...

This also begs the question, where will GT go from here? After such a big commitment to the British family, this could leave quite the hole in the American brand's marketing. What direction will they take things?

In 2012, GT Bicycles Factory Racing partnered with Atherton Racing. It’s been an incredible four years with the whole team. Together with the GT Product Team, GT Factory Racing developed world class products that have been proven on the world stage.

The results speak for themselves. With over 50 World Cup podiums, 3 World Championships, and 3 World Cup overall titles, the team proved that the partnership between GT Bicycles and Atherton Racing was unstoppable.

- GT Bicycles