Track builder Nigel Hicks has just up-beamed some more Pietermaritzburg World Cup track photos to his Facebook page.

Nigel also explains the changes that he's making to the table tops and the wet weather/surfacing work that is just being done on the pedally section.

Nigel told us:

"In the UCI's recommendations report after the 2011 event the two issues with the DH track were the table tops on the N3 were too short and needed to be altered to make them safer and then the pedal section needed to be wet weather proofed (similar to Fort William's granite base at the top of the hill), this would just be done on the pedal section to allow it to be rideable if it pisses with rain again (which is unlikely ... fingers crossed!)

So what we are doing is putting down decomposed granite 100mm thick by 1.2m wide from the start of the pedal to the Airodrome road gap (where the first live camera was), it's a section of 700m that will be based. This will also make it roll better and therefore the time spent in the pedal will be reduced by 10 to 15 seconds which is great.

I have a new section that will be opened in the top portion of the course too which will hold more gradient and eliminate the 200m pedal section after the double where Jess Stone crashed. We will also put in a couple of extra corners in which the track is lacking! One downside is that the rock drop that Brendan Fairclough injured his knee in on won't be in - but it's a small price to pay as there is a new rock drop that I've found that's even bigger!

And the new section will also be way more spectator friendly! Oh and because it's going to be a "virgin" portion of track it will be nice and loamy unlike the rock hard portions of the 2011 track that will be used.

And thats about it, I'm adjusting the tables as mentioned in the press release - I want someone to break 80km/h in the speed trap this year!!!"

I'll add more photos to this gallery when Nigel sends them over.