Boom! A perfect start to the Hutchinson UR/Polygon Bikes partnership. The Hannah duo, Mick and Tracey, take the goldie looking medals at the Australian National Champs at Mt Stromlo, Canberra.

Results here.

First race of the season and what a start! The least we can say is that Tracey is back, 7 months after she broke her femur she wins the Australian national title. We are so proud of her. With this boost of motivation Mick threw a crazy fast run and won by 2 sec over names like Jared Graves, Sam Hill, Chris Kovarik and Troy Brosnan. A really good performance 3 months before the start of the World Cup season.

4 days of sunny practice and it all came down to a (really) stormy sunday! The track was completely soaked but surprisingly grippy. It had been a pretty intense race for Tracey. She finished 2nd after her seeding run on saturday by only 0.3. She crossed the line with a good time but with Caroline still to go everything was still possible. A little bit more than 1 minute later Caroline came through with 0.4 of a second late.

30 minutes later it was the Elites man turn. Guillaume went down the track and despite some good speed in practice ended up in 21th. Fabien finished in 15th position with a big mistake !

5:06pm Mick is now out of the gate and 2:21.3 minutes later he crossed the line with a smashing time! Still Chris Kovarik and Jared Graves to go but none of them beat his time. Almost 2sec ahead, that's a win!

Now for some rest and training before the next scheduled race for the team, the Oceania Championships in Tasmania end of March.

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