The other premiere we saw this weekend was Aaron "Mono" Bartlett's Foot out Flat out 2: Fast and Loose.

This time, a small venue in Cardiff, Wales called Ten Feet Tall. The top floor of the bar was crammed full of people, so full that some simply couldn't see the screen. The (now) annual Welshside bash was also incorporated, organised by Rowan Sorrell, with pretty much all of the Welsh riders coming out for a night on the town, and a load more UK riders coming too.

FOFO 2, like MADE, covers the World Cup series and the World Championships, but from a slightly different angle. It also covers the UK a lot more, with sections of UK riders like Ashley Mullane, Tom Deacon, Marc Beaumont and Neil Donoghue. Brendan Fairclough gets a section too, where he cracks the motocross bike out as well as the DH bike.

After the film, the party started with some serious music and drinking. We'll let the photo's speak for themselves....