If we could choose any cranks to fit to a bike, these would be our choice. It's as simple as that.


Race Face SixC Cranks

When we’re looking for a bike product an impressive strength to weight ratio is always high on the wish list, after all we don’t want kit to break, but on the other hand we want our bikes to be as light as possible. The old saying goes; strong, light, cheap…pick two. So yeah, you can’t have it all, but if you have got the money then we think these Race Face SixC cranks are unbeatable when it comes to their strength to weight ratio. You’ll struggle to find many high–end XC cranks that are lighter than these, yet we’d be more than happy to use a set on our DH bike. They’re impressive to say the least. Throw in one of Race Face’s ‘Narrow Wide’ rings and you’ve got one hell of a set–up.

Price: £529.00

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