There was a time when chain devices were almost Meccano– like in appearance, and it has to be said they were mostly a nightmare. Things have moved on though, designs have evolved, and now we’ve got to the point where we have this LG1+ which is so good we can’t see how it can be improved, and neither it seems can e*thirteen because the design has remained the same for a few years now.

What makes it so good? Well, first and foremost it’s faultless in its ability to keep a chain on. Secondly the substantial ‘taco’ bash guard can withstand some serious impacts and does a great job in protecting everything else.

And finally, but by no means least is its user friendliness. It’ll fit pretty much any bike and it really is a pleasure to work with. We never thought we’d say that about a chain device, but this beauty has proved us wrong. Long may it stay this way.

Price: £129.00

Silverfish 01752 843 882