Yeti Cycles | The Kootneys x Proven Here

We know that Jared Graves turn his legs to anything from XC racing to 4X to becoming Enduro World Champion in 2014 but this latest video from Yeti just shows that belting through some sweet looking singletrack is just as much fun and probably more! The Kootneys might not be the first place you know for riding but this area of British Colombia has some amazing trails, well just watch the video and you will see what we mean. Here's what Yeti have to say about it:

There are core experiences that define a mountain biker. Like venturing into unfamiliar mountains to find amazing trails chiseled into the landscape, and then pushing your limits, against all common sense for the pure thrill of it. These experiences are woven into the psyche of every mountain biker. Jared Graves is not an ordinary rider. The reigning Enduro World Series champion is considered one of the most versatile mountain bikers in the world and when not racing, he’s all about having good times on the bike. “It’s all about going out in the bush with your mates and riding natural terrain, whatever you can find really and just having fun." Following his victory at the Whistler EWS, Jared traveled deep into the Kootenay region of British Columbia.

Proven Here. The Kootenays x SB6 Carbon.

Cinematography By: Craig Grant

Directed and Edited By: Craig Grant

Additional Photography By: Joey Schusler

Original Music: Ajay Bhattacharyya

Sound Design: Keith White

Rider: Jared Graves

SB6 Carbon: