The old acid test for whether a downhill track was a bit of a wet lettuce was: "Can you race it on a trail bike?" Pietermaritzberg and Fontana have both come into criticism for this in the past but, given the standards of modern trail bikes, it's not really that valid anymore.

Instead, here's a new one: "Can you ride up it on an ebike?" In Leogang's case it seems for most of it you can. Watch Wyn Masters take on the challenge on the new GT eVerb before turning it around and railing down.

OK, so Wyn doesn't ride up the whole thing (the rock roll and some of the drops would be impossible) but you can guarantee he gets up more of this than he would Val di Sole or Vallnord. Plus let's not forget it's already been ridden down on a hardtail in a fairly competitive time this year. Bring on World Champs 2020!