Sexy or just vulgar, what do you reckon? There aren't many bikes that have caused more discussion than this one in 2016.

Here's what we said at the time:

"Want to make your £5k bike even more exclusive? How about wrapping it in gold-chrome, just so there's no chance you'll be missed while shredding it on the trail?

"That's exactly what one punter of Polish based frame customisers Hifivegfx did and here are the results in video form. Now we know this is obnoxious and showy but secretly we do actually think it's quite sexy (in small doses). Hifivegfx reckon it's the only gold Specialized Demo in the world - which, to be honest, is probably for the best.

"For those that are wondering, the stickering will set you back €500, for more info click here."