We've been loving the Aaron Gwin off-season series so far and the finale continues to deliver.

In this episode he goes head to head with EWS World Champion Richie Rude on the trails and in the gym. They play it off casually but there's no way there wasn't a bit of under-the-table competition between these two fierce champions.

Red Bull said: "Aaron Gwin is a born racer who just loves to compete. The four-time World Cup champion's hunger for success still burns bright for what will be his 10th season on the downhill circuit. In the final episode of our Off-season series with Gwin, Aaron invites Enduro World Series racer Richie Rude to train and ride with him out on the La Cresta trail in California. The hard work continues at Gwin's local gym, where his competitive spirit and will to win over his much younger charge shines through."