Eliot Jackson isn't a rider who's afraid of going big, look no further than his crash at the World Champs for evidence, and in this video he takes those skills to Whistler.

There's some classic lines in here but also some brand new ones as he shows us yet more potential from the bike park. Jackson said: "I've been riding in Whistler for about eight years. Over time, I’ve found so many fun lines on classic tracks in the park by stopping to really look at the options. The bike park gets a lot of attention, but even the trails you know like the back of your hand are new again if you get creative with how you approach them."

"It's all about looking at something you've ridden a million times and asking if there is a new, better, or even more fun way to tackle that section. Sometimes you just have to have the guts to try something and you can save so much time or maybe enter the following part of the track in a better way."