The wheelie may not be the most useful skill on the trail but it sure is fun, plus think of an alliterative hashtag and you can rake in the Instagram views for years.

Let Rob Warner give you his top tips to raise it up with Tom Ohler.

Red Bull said: "

  1. Find a gentle uphill slope.
  2. Lower the saddle down to half the height that you normally have it.
  3. Put the bike into a middle gear.
  4. To get the front wheel into the air, bend your arms and lower your chest towards the handlebars.
  5. Push off in one motion and lift the front wheel by starting to pedal.
  6. Straighten arms once the front wheel is up and keep your weight over the back to keep the front wheel up in the air.
  7. Combine pulling on the handlebars with pedal strokes to move forward.
  8. To maintain the balance point, use the handlebars, knees and your upper body for control."