2017 can definitely be described as the year vlogging made a real impact on mountain biking. We have our own opinions about thumbnails plastered with emojis and videos that are suspiciously just over 10 minutes long but there's certainly plenty of wheat among the chaff. Here's an absolutely timeless video from the Singletrack Sampler to remind us all why a bit of first aid knowledge can go a long way.

Here's what we said at the time:

Here's a perfect example of why some First Aid knowledge can go a long way when you're out mountain biking. When this rider hit a slippery hip jump, came off and punctured his leg, he could have been in serious trouble. Thankfully Alex (also known as the Singletrack Sampler) was on hand within seconds to make a makeshift tourniquet and stem the bleeding.

It's impressive how little the rider actually bled given the severity of the injury. We wish him a full recovery that will probably be a lot shorter thanks to the work of his buddies.

Watch more trailside First Aid with Alex here.