If ever you plan on riding your bike over a Lambourghini, it's probably best to check it doesn't have a dashcam running first...

Izzad Adnaff, a fifteen year old Singaporean, was spotted performing the stunt by the car's owner, who was working out in the gym. Aaron Rylan ran after the boy but was unable to catch him. He checked the dashcam in his £150,000 Murciélago and then posted the footage up on Facebook, where it went viral.

It was the boy's mother who spotted him eight hours later and forced him to meet with Rylan to apologise. Apparently there was some damage to the eight-month-old car, but Rylan was good enough to forgive Izzad.

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He said: "When I watched the video I was furious. Really angry, just like any car owner would be. "Singapore’s a fairly small country and when I posted the clip online, some of my friends knew him and his mother.

"When I met Izzad he was very apologetic and said that he had done it after a friend dared him to. Boys being boys, he wanted to show off. I contacted the police but I’m not pressing charges. The kid has learned his lesson and his mother was angry with him, that’s a big punishment already."

We have to say fair play to the owner of the car for being so magnanimous when Izzad apologised. Who knows, we could have a Singaporean Danny MacAskill in the making... or maybe he was just trying to copy this:

So this just landed in our inbox!! Thoughts?

Posted by Ride UK BMX on Monday, 20 April 2015