Anthill has just released a free segment from Not2Bad featuring all the Atherons, Casey Brown, Andrew Shandro, Ryan Howard and Cam McCaul - not a bad selection really.

For our money this is the best segment in the film (especially if you're not that into dirt jumping/slopestyle) so sit back and enjoy some of the world's finest riders tearing up Spanish scrubland.

From Anthill: "It's not often that you get seven riders from different mountain bike disciplines shredding together in one segment. One one end of the spectrum you've got downhill superstars Rachel and Gee Atherton, and at the other end you've got slopestyle steez-cats Cam McCaul and Ryan "R-Dogg" Howard. Mix in a little bit of enduro and all-mountain riding from Andrew Shandro, Casey Brown, and Dan Atherton, and you've got yourself one heck of a trail segment. If this doesn't make you want to shred your bike, you need to check your pulse."