Oh damn! Josh Lewis took a digger to remember at Windhill resulting in a brutal dislocated ankle.


Josh was trying to spin the step-up and ended up coming short and crumpling into the landing. You can see the ankle is gone from the ragdoll down the transition.

Loose said: "Here’s what went down last week including the crash that did my ankle ???? - a very productive time down at @fabriccycling HQ designing some bits and finishing off the @50to01 collab stuff, we then got to shred @windhillb1kepark!!! Wanted to 3 the step up before i arrived so i was stoked to get a few going, got a little comfy and came up short on one. Thanks for all the get well messages keeping the stoke going and to everyone who helped get me out of the woods, small bump in the road but the journeys so fuckin good!!! @alex_rankin you are the guru!!!! ????"

You can see some further snaps (if you dare) of the ankle on this Instagram post (swipe through for more).


Healing vibes to Loosedog and we hope to see him back blowing minds again soon. In the meantime we're left wondering if this latest injury is better or worse than slashing your dick open.