Probably the only guy apologising on the slopes of Rostrevor during Foxhunt, Loic Bruni was a welcome addition to the madness.

Here's what we said at the time:

A bumper field of riders was no bother for Loic Bruni at hi first Foxhunt, it just meant more people to overtake! Loic ended up finishing 18th so overtook more than 400 people in the race although, to be fair, most of these were in the first straight. Watch his full POV here.

Loic said: "New country, new trails, new people and I loved everything. The people are all super friendly, they all welcomed me, congratulated me for the season and becoming World Champ and I really felt good vibes all weekend. At the race I was a bit scared. I didn’t know if they were going to be wild or aggressive, I laid off especially at the start so Gee and Colin just went faster than me so I was a bit stuck in traffic. People were just racing big time it was good fun and I didn’t crash. I didn’t see many people just killing themselves, it was a really good day and really good fun on the hill"

Watch his ridiculous GoPro footage, then zoom over to our post-race interview with the World Champ here.

Gee also posted up his GoPro that you can watch here (check out Ieuan's crash at the four minute mark).