Another week another trail etiquette gone wrong video.

This time we're at Thunder Mountain Bike Park and a solo rider following a Park Ranger down a trail. The Ranger spots a rider in trouble on the side of the trail and decides to stop to give them some directions. Unfortunately the place she decides to stop is the top of the landing on a tabletop.

Thankfully everyone is alright at the end of this and it can serve as a bit of a public service announcement - don't stop in the middle of trails!

Mike Bilodeau said: "Funny enough the person that stopped on the top of the jump was on Patrol and worked for the resort. Kind of a crappy place to stop if you ask me. I had nowhere to go once I noticed. There was a biker at the bottom that she was trying to address but he was out of the way by the time we got there. It happens! Excited to go back next week!

"I'm shocked my gimbal survived and still works."


Here's another one that popped up today!