Well, it's safe to say we missed this one!

Ben Deakin was going through his footage at the end of the year and posted up this video of Cam Zink falling into a canyon at this year's Red Bull Rampage. He slipped a pedal on the run into it and ended up toppling over the edge.

Zink was shaken up but thankfully he was able to walk away from it unscathed. He went on to finish 17th in the main event after crashing trying to 360 the step down that followed this gap. It's safe to say you can't accuse Cam Zink of not being committed!

Deaks said: "One of the craziest things to watch this year was Redbull Rampage, Heres Cam Zink showing us how lucky he was to walk away from this one landing on a ledge below!"

This isn't the first time Zink has bailed on a Canyon Gap at Rampage. Who can forget that huge overshoot in 2012?