The riders have been on site for a week now at the Red Bull Rampage so it's probably about time we saw some riding. Antoine Bizet was the first to brave the red hills and it was captured by Ben Deakin.

Deaks said: "Antoine Bizet the first rider to get his tyres to dirt at the Red Bull Rampage site trying his huge step down (which doesn't show it on camera) to Step Up, let's see what the party brings come Friday!"

Update: Red Bull was also there to catch this better quality version with interviews.

Antoine Bizet finished second in 2012 but hasn't finished a finals run at Red Bull Rampage for the past three years so will clearly be keen to take as much advantage of practice as possible. He put down a storming run last year including backflipping the Canyon Gap, but unfortunately crashed while attempting a double back flip on the last jump. You can watch his full run here: