It's fair to say we've all had a fair few aches over the past week. Thankfully popping a couple of aspirin, chugging water and collapsing on the sofa was enough to sort most of us out in the festive period.

It may take a bit longer for Adolf Silva to get over his aches and pains after this crash in the Bali Bike Park though. Full charging into a sketchy step up, he cases hard and ends up in one of the slowest crashes we've seen - all while resting on his gentleman parts.

It was all captured by the Deakinator who said: "Heres Adolf Silva doing one of the step ups at Bali Bikepark resulting in the slowest crash I have ever witnessed. It was fairly damp so speed was always going to be a problem casing one of these big stepups."

We're sending healing vibes to Adolf and hope he's managed to make a full recovery by 2020.