You may remember that earlier in the week we were sent a video from a guy called Laurent Spadluv with is 'Insider's View: undercover sneak peek' from the Vallnord World Cup out in Andorra.

Well yesterday during practice he decided to film the whole course with riders on it! Here's what he had to say:

"Yesterday, I tried to reconstruct the entire course on video, using all the riders during practice. Over 150 riders showing you 1 track #vallnordworldcup. This is the only edit showing the entire Vallnord World Cup 2016 track. My goal while filming and editing the video was to walk you through the entire course from the spectator point of view.

From one rider to the next, you are taken down the most radical track of the downhill world cup circuit. The final leg of the 2016 World Cup will be full of suspense for the men. Can Danny Hart steal the title from Aaron Gwin? From what I saw, Gwin looked really fast today. Rachel Atherton was smooth, but Tracey Hannah was blasting down the mountain."

Love it.