Trigger Happy with Brendan Fairclough and Stevie Smith

With an abundance of videos floating round the net of everything from wingsuit flying to cats riding vacuum cleaners it's good to see a bit of creativity going into the promotion of a new camera. When Anthill films get involved it's bound to be more interesting than a rattling helmet cam add Brendan Fairclough and Steve Smith to the mix and Sony have a recipe for something tasty.

We've seen the 'unnamed POV camera on a stick' plenty but we always wonder what that footage actually turns out like, there's plenty of potential for it too look pretty rough but it seems doing it properly works. So with a setup that combines Mousetrap and mountain biking Sony have managed something pretty cool. We now expect to see some pretty interesting jibs and booms built from sticks and string in the local woods! It's DIY time...

Here's some shots from the filming to give you some inspiration too.