A bit of fun here from Spain as trials rider Pol Tarrés tries to evade a security guard in a factory. Throw in some Scooby Doo style hijinks and some big stunts and you've got a pretty neat little vid.

From Señor Tarrés: "As you can see in the video, the company Massana, added to the abilities of Pol on the bike make a perfect combination to have a spectacular video. In addition, Pol wanted to add touches of humor that, using the security guard have given much play and dynamism within the video to break the impressive movements on the bike.

"In the last action scene, there is no trick or montage behind the camera. It was a risky scene as there was a fall of more than 6 meters. Still, Pol decided that it gave an extreme touch to the video and did not want to miss the opportunity to do it.

"One of MASSANA's flagship products is pajamas, so we thought that the best video idea would be a dream. To give more excitement and fluency to the video, we added the idea of the security guard who would chase Pol throughout the video and you will have to watch all the video to see if he catch him or not..."