It's been a great year for the Trek World Racing Team, Laurie Greenland taking the National Champs title and second place at Worlds then there was THAT run from Neko Mulally at World Champs that basically stunned everyone!

It seems Neko was pretty surprised to stay on the hotseat as long as he did and with an luck harnessing the focus that having no chain gave him in future races means he could be on for some more top results, it's not every day that you get your second best elite result with no chain! Two weeks before that legendary run the team were in Meribel for the last race of the World Cup season and every one of the Trek team seemed to be loving the track for World Cup finals. Justin Leov has been working with the team all season and helping the guys out with his race experience, he predicted tight times and he wasn't wrong!

Getting back to World's the racing gets even more focussed than World Cup finals, it's all or nothing and the team have to pull it all together for one run. The full team from Trek was out in Hafjell for Worlds and with such a great track to finish the season each rider is proud to pull on their national jersey come race day.

It seems that the number 13 is lucky for some and for Neko Mulally it will no doubt be a pretty important race plate for the rest of his career. Check out the rest of the episodes here and some behind the scenes insight from Trek's mechanic Ben Arnott.

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