Devinci have become one of the big teams in the Enduro scene over the last year, and they seem to have a knack of finding fast guys to really push. This tactic works - especially when relatively unknown rider Damien Oton won La Thuile this year, they've got themselves another really fast rider in the form of Theo Galy.


Becoming an Enduro World Series all-star is a matter of optimized race-day output bolstered by an offseason schedule of sweat and determined effort. In this edit produced by filmmaker Lucas Stanus, meet Devinci/ Racing member Theo Galy, who walks us through his results-driven training regimen while prepping for another explosive EWS season. From trail-running in Southern France to badminton, motocross, and ripping lightning-fast singletrack on his Devinci Spartan, the 24-year-old stays fit and focused courtesy of an adrenaline-juiced agenda. And with sights set on progression, the former French Cup Champ is stoked to tackle the world’s best trails when the season commences in March. He says, “I’m extremely proud to race and train with the awesome Devinci/ squad. We’ll see you this spring at Crankworx, New Zealand."