With the rain coming down in bursts here in Val di Sole for the final round of the 2015 UCI World Cup DH series and three potential series winners in the Elite Men's (Gwin, Minnaar, Bruni - Women and Junior titles are already wrapped up), we are getting wildly excited to see who can pull out the big win here.

But, forgetting this year's series, we're also eager to see some classic Val di Sole carnage and a ride of the kind that two men have pulled out in the past. Sam Hill in 2008 and Aaron Gwin in 2012. Two rides that have gone down in history as some of the sport's greatest ever. Hill went down in a blaze of missed-glory with the finish line in sight, Gwin put it all on the line but held it upright to a win of nearly eight seconds. Tracks like this really bring out the best action.

Here's the two vids. Watch them, get the engine revving and prepare for what could be an absolutely epic end to the season.

Sam Hill World Champs Val di Sole 2008

Aaron Gwin Val di Sole World Cup Win 2012