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The Nine Knights was due to be held at the weekend in Livingno but due to some bonkers high winds things were called off. A bunch of riders still got time to send it on the huge course in Italy and we have rounded up some of the best for you right here. First up follow Andi Wittmann and check out the course riders faced this year. Massive kickers, huge obstacles and large freeride area on Ottolino Fun Mountain, in Livigno, Italy.

[part title="Peter Henke's corked backflip"]

Peter Henke sends the massive hip and nails his first ever hip flip. If you thought flipping any bike was hard then check this out, corked out backflip on the biggest hip in an amazing location.

[part title="Tobi Wrobel no hander"]

A big part of this event is the bonkers course based on a castle. Tobi Wrobel drops a no hander off the tower then backflips over the castle kicker, before cruising through the freeride section. You can appreciate how big the course is when you count the time he is in the air on this one.

[part title="Gully was 'Ruler of the Week'"]

Geoff "Gully" Gulevich threw down some epic tricks starting with a gnarly backflip over the step up, huge airs on the hip and flipping from the drop tower on a DH bike. This rightly earned him "Ruler of the Week" at the 2014 Suzuki Nine Knights contest.

[part title="and the winnners are..."]

Despite the main contest being called off due to high winds there were still prizes to be handed out.

Ruler of the week - Geoff Gulevich

Best Whip - Anton Thelander

Best GoPro Shot - Martin Söderström

Contest Day Rulers - Tobi Wrobel and Jonas Janssen - they were given the prize because despite the wind they still decided to hit the course.

Check out this gallery of all the winners...